Sunday, September 30, 2007

La Cumbre

This is from a trip a bunch of us teachers made to a fancy German restaurant just down the mountain from us, called La Cumbre. From where we were sitting there was a great view of the entire city. We just ordered cheesecakes and creme brulee (we're dessert kinda girls) but I hope to get to go back...for more dessert...and maybe even dinner next time. :)
In the first picture you see my friends (starting on the left), Sarah, Erin, Elizabeth and Hayley. In the second picture, Carrie, my roommate Leslie, and then Andrea.

The goofy girl in purple is my other roommate, Day and next to her Tiffany. Tiffany is the girl's spiritual life coordinator in the high school so we get to work together a good bit. I like her a lot. In the last picture you can see I was getting in trouble for taking their pictures...all camera shy. That's Susan on the left, Amanda (she's the elementary principal's daughter and a teacher at a different school) and then last but not least is Janice. All these great girls, except for Tiffany and I, work in the elementary school.