Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bagope Retreat 2008

The girls piled in the bed are some of my 10th graders. I was their cabin leader for the student retreat weekend. We had a great time. The girl in the pink fuzz hat is Grace. She is a senior and her mom teaches English. Grace likes to pretend that she's from da 'hood. It was hat theme evening.
The black and white picture is all of the senior guys on the retreat doing karaoke.
These two beautiful chicas are two of my 10th grade cabin girls. They were trying to dress for the sock-hop theme but none of them apparently understood what a sock-hop is so it was difficult to help them even come close. We had fun trying. :)

Teacher's Retreat

The retreat center about 2 hours outside the city where we spent the day. The day was beautiful and so was the pool but like 60 people got sick the next day from the food. That wasn't so cool. Check out the view from the pool fence. It looks over Coffee Factory Valley. Mmm...smells like Folgers. :)

This is David and his cousin, little Andrea, who turned 1 in November. Isn't she precious?! Then there's Samuel with his evil grin. Terrible two's...though not for long. He turns 3 in a few weeks. David loves to take his own picture with my camera.